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Our Story

Fifty-five years in the making.... Inventor Carl Hackley tells his story of The Last Drop...

"As a young boy I envisioned a product to do the simple household task of holding a bottle upside down," he explains. "Being raised by depression-era parents, we learned to save. It seemed wasteful then (just as it does now) to throw away that last little bit left in a bottle. And that planted the seed. By the mid-1990s, I put my thoughts and ideas into motion. By 1998, I had a patent. By the early 2000s, a mold. But my family was growing up, so the invention went on the shelf. In 2008, I had a near-death experience with a staph infection, and that changed my focus. But now, in retirement, I've wiped the dust on the old invention. Listened and responded to the research and created a family of products along the way that hold a wider variety of bottles and extend its use to more places at home or work than ever before!"